Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The oils of the Lucchese family are produced in area called Rapitalà (from the Arabic Rabidh-Allah—garden of Allah), in the estate of the Lucchese family, a few kilometres from the towns of Alcamo and Camporeale. The estate, characterised by the typical hilly landscape of western Sicily, with sun-drenched, gentle slopes swept by strong breezes, is a succession of vineyards and olive groves. For us Sicilians, the olive tree is a symbol of our fertile island, of our vigorous sun, whose life force leaves an unmistakable mark on the knotty trunks and in the full-bodied flavour and scent of olives.

In our area, the olive tree finds the ideal condition for lush growth, flowering, and ripening of the fruit, thanks to its specific exposure to the sunlight, the temperate climate, and the clay soil. It is just from the Rapitalà estate and from its olive groves that the Lucchese family harvests the olives to produce an oil of the highest quality that is especially genuine, unique for its fragrance and flavour. The olives are picked by hand at exactly the right moment of its colour change and crushed within hours of being harvested, fully aware that this procedure guarantees the highest quality of the oil. Our olive oil is then stored in airtight stainless steel containers so that it may decant naturally and preserve unchanged its taste, colour, and fragrance until it is bottled.